Bottom 10 Christmas Songs

29 November, 2010 § Leave a comment

10. Little Drummer Boy – I can understand “We Three Kings” but making up a story about an underdog drummer boy and putting a repetitive tune to it is just too much. Wasn’t the drummer boy a thing of the Civil War?

9. 8 days of Christmas – Materialism anyone? What ever happened to “Can’t Buy Me Love?”

8. Christmas (Baby Please Come Home)- Can we have some originality with a little less repetitiousness over here… waiter?

7. Christmas Shoes – Kitsch if I’ve ever heard it. “Please write a more depressing song for Christmas. (Though, I’m being generous for a #7 position.)

6. Same Old Lang Syne – I don’t even know why they play this song except that it’s Christmas Eve in the story.

5. Last Christmas – “Last Christmas I really blew it, and I’m doing the same thing this year!”

4. Grown Up Christmas List- Grow up.

3. I Saw Momma Kissing Santa Clause – What kind of sicko thought having little Michael make perceived adultery a blushing matter was a good idea? No wonder he turned out like he did.

2. Do They Know It’s Christmas Time? – Yes– yes they do, and I’m pretty sure they’re dancing in the streets that it’s not snowing in Africa.

1. Merry Christmas Toledo- I couldn’t believe it, somebody tried to make a hometown Christmas song after hits like “There’s no place like Home for the Holidays”… it stunk.


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