An Analogue Afternoon

3 February, 2012 § 4 Comments

I just recently finished watching a series of documentaries on the farm life in the Tudor, Victorian and Edwardian periods in Britain. What was impressive to me was the amount of silence that these people experienced through their day to day lives. Much of their work was done alone and without information stimulation. Conversations in those periods happened one on one or through the postal service (yeah, quill, ink, and parchment).

Now, this post isn’t about convincing the world to go back to the 12th century and live like farmers, but when was the last time that you spent a day without electricity on purpose? Could you do it and remain productive (and sane)? What if for a month (don’t get excited) you spent every other afternoon in analogue? I’m talking 12:00pm – 6:00pm. Imagine it, no batteries, no electricity. You and whoever it is around.  Could you do it? It’s a lifestyle thing, I’m not gonna lie, you can’t do it without serious sacrifice of connections, conveniences, and stimulation.


§ 4 Responses to An Analogue Afternoon

  • […] like Facebook, texting, twitter and the like, you are never sure who heard (or misheard) you. That analogue afternoon never happens. I can really only keep up with so many conversations before the input that I have to […]

  • char says:

    Love the cartoon you found. It captures the essence of Facebook and Twitter perfectly. I love silence and am completely comfortable with it (which is why I love writing). I’m always telling my kids to just take time to ‘Be still’ and look around at all that is around them (instead of watching TV or checking their friend’s facebook status; sigh). Nice post.

  • Ben Bacon says:

    I hear what you’re saying about periods of silence. I think I can easily get crowded out with the noise of modern life. However, I see the healthy soul as being able to use the tools of the modern technological age but not be chained to them. Thoughts?

    • Daniel Bacon says:

      Hmmm… must one use all of the tools all of the time to be considered healthy? That is where I’m headed rather then complete disconnection.

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