Being Human | Image Series Introduction Part 1

16 March, 2012 § 1 Comment

Creation of Adam and Eve (Gate of Paradise, Ba...In the beginning,when God created the heaven’s and earth and everything in the earth, God saved His final and most pleasing work of creation to create Adam and Eve in His own image. Here began the conversation of  what bearing God’s image entails. I propose to you that the image of God entails those traits which identify us as humans. Thus we as humans have some allowance of will, presence, power and knowledge, among other things. To innumerate those traits which identify us as humans is a worthy and noble task that I have yet to see accomplished without extensive bias towards the author’s field of study. We will explore what makes us distinct from any other species, specifically what it means to be a human and the responsibility that comes with being human.

The problem that I most often run into is that people in general are not aware or particularly concerned with what makes them human. As a result all sorts of  atrocities are allowed towards their fellow human beings either by their own hands or by someone else’s. This cannot be allowed to happen, but without a sufficient alternative; the truth, it will not and cannot be stopped.

When this mystery of what makes a human a human is understood, heroic actions take place. Watch this 10 minute video of the heroism of the Danish in World War II and listen for why they bothered to save 95% of their Jewish population from the wrath of those who thought themselves to be the higher race.


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