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Theology for the rest of us is a blog recently started by one of my acquaintances attending Baptist Bible College. He has taken on the daunting task of making difficult to understand theological concepts and bringing them down to the layman’s level. Check out his first topic and encourage him in his pursuit!

Theology for the rest of us

I suppose we’d better start at the very beginning. I’ve heard somewhere that it’s a very good place to start. And so we should, diving right into a Scriptural text, start with the first Scripture that God gives us. I feel that it is one of the most important texts for Christians to understand today.

Don’t misunderstand me, all Scripture is valid, all of it is important, and all of it is effective. We’ll delve more into that concept in the coming weeks. But for now let’s concern ourselves with Theology Proper, the study of God Himself.

If I was completely ignorant of Christianity, I would think that the Bible should start off with a lengthy and detailed argument for the existence of God. Just the opposite is true, though: in Genesis 1:1, Moses assumes the definite existence of God. Better yet, he doesn’t even bother describing or explaining God.

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