Monsters and Why to Face Them

7 May, 2017 § Leave a comment

Some of the first evils which we encounter in this life are imaginary; the monsters under our beds and the cretins that creep in the shadows–ultimately what lies in the unknown of our minds preoccupied, on the whole, with snips and snails or else sugar and spice. Our one escape is call for our mommies and have them replant our feet in the knowledge that, “There is no such things as monsters” by which, of course they are saying that what is in your head is of no consequence and ought to be forgotten post haste. And so this has continued from the time when story telling lost its oral tradition and became enshrined on the flat pages that are now the only words which inspire us to face the monsters under someone else’s bed. So we find empathy in the sorrows of another, and feel victory when we read of them conquering their fears and their foes. Yet, we do not face our own monsters with such valiance but with the denial of the actuality of what exists only in our minds. We repeat to ourselves that monsters do not exist, but in our heart of hearts we still believe in them and they still terrorize our dreams and possess the shapes of, “real life,” characters, but we no longer possess the knowledge of the ability to take back what is good from the monsters who have taken it for themselves to cripple us with fear. We have started asking the question, “What if monsters were real,” meaning tactile, and delineating that question to its ultimate ends and making multi-million dollar media out of it but still keep away from the dark mass that is now making us money but leading us surely to our own demise; for in all our imaginative delineations we have been asking the wrong question all the time. We ought to be asking, “What if what is in my mind is a real force with which to be reckoned?” If we do not face our own monsters we must then come to the conclusion that if the monsters in my mind are not real (which we do not ultimately believe) then there is no hero to rescue us and, therefore, no hope. This is why we must face what we cannot see with more than denial and no less than a valiant warrior to do battle with the evils we encounter.


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