Autobiography: I was raised in a large Christian family of six kids. My father was a pastor for much of my growing up years and as such we were involved in all sorts of ministry with him. I received Jesus Christ as my personal savior in the summer of 1997 when at a Vacation Bible School the speaker’s message spoke to my seven year old heart that it was time to stop putting off what I had heard from the cradle and to accept it as the truth and to act on it. I followed my classmates back into the nursery, but wanted to be certain that I accepted Jesus with my own will and not by repeating the teacher’s words. That day I believe my name was written in the book of life.

When I was ten years old we moved to Barton Vermont for my father to take on a youth pastoral position at a local church in Waterford, Vermont. It was there at a mission’s conference when I was eleven years old that the Lord moved in my heart to dedicate my life to Him for the ministry. Since then I have spent the summers of 2004-2009 working at Word of Life Island and Word of Life Ranch in various positions to help make their summer camp ministry possible. I have been on several mission’s trips including a building trip to Peru in the winter of 2005 with my father, a medical mission’s trip in September of 2007, and a self discovery trip back to Peru in the winter of that year to determine if that was where the Lord would have me minister—it wasn’t.
I graduated from Green Mountain Christian Academy Home School in May of 2008 and proceeded to attend and graduate from Word of Life Bible Institute’s One Year Program where I met my future wife Sonya. Sonya and I started dating in November of 2008 and continued when after that year she went home to Northern Ireland and I stayed on to attend and graduated Word of Life Bible Institutes School of Youth Ministry. Sonya and I were engaged in June of 2010 and that summer I worked for my father at River of Life camp where he had recently become the director—I was the male head counselor that year. The school year of 10-11 I attended Cedarville University where I became involved with a local church’s youth ministry with my roommate where we were youth leaders. After Cedarville I came back to Vermont and Sonya and I were married on June 11th 2011. That summer I worked again for my father at River of Life camp and was the Program Director that year.
I didn’t go back to Cedarville that school year. Instead Sonya and I moved to Clarks Summit Pennsylvania where I attended Baptist Bible College to attempt to finish my degree. During the year I participated in a production of The Boys Next Door with the school drama team as well as during the second semester hosted a Bible study in James with another couple. Currently I am dropping out a semester before I receive my bachelors because of financial reasons and to let Sonya complete her education.


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    My goals in blogging are threefold--clarity, brevity, and life.

    First, my goal is to be crystal clear in presenting issues that I think deserve to be considered by my readers, either because of their current nature or because of their pertinence to society.

    The second is to be brief.

    The third goal is to portray life—not as thought about in an ivory tower, but as through the eyes of a twenty-two year old newlywed who is ever vigilant not to shut his eyes on reality.

    Clarity—brevity—life, that is all that needs to be said.

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