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2 June, 2013 § Leave a comment

For I resolved to know nothing while I was with you except Jesus Christ and Him crucified. 1 Corinthians 2:2

I love words. Words can mean so many different things in a host of variations, but also mean one very specific thing when in a specific order. This verse from scripture is one of my favorites because I see it so totally passed over so much. Consider–Jesus is God and Man but for his mission here on earth he gave up, or as some would put it, ignored his Godly abilities to be our perfect example in life and in His death. This is exactly what Paul has done here. Paul did not in any way know nothing about the law and the prophets and about life in general. In fact, he was basically a doctor in the law, but he says, I resolved to know NOTHING, but Jesus Christ crucified. I believe that we have lost that singular focus in our churches today in the fact that we require a master’s degree at the least to be a pastor. This isn’t normally a passage preached in the context of pastoral expectations, but maybe it should be. Maybe we should care more about the gospel than about the letters at the end of a man’s name–maybe.


The Myth of Progression | Educator, Educate Thyself

8 April, 2012 § 6 Comments

Somewhere along the way the human race has equated realizing the truth of the world around us with evolving into higher beings. We expect that we should be able to do more than the generations before us, so we do and can not understand why we’re totally exhausted all of the time, but instead of doing  less, we take a 5 hour energy. We expect that we should be able to contain more knowledge than generations before so we  idolize the renaissance man and the scientific revolution and set those men as the standard, and when we fail we lower the bar and the bachelor’s degree becomes the new high school diploma, while the Master’s degree becomes the new bachelors.

In the meantime, we continue to discover new ways to make our lives more convenient and pat ourselves on the back.

The Withertos and the Whyfors

3 April, 2012 § 4 Comments

So it turns out that it doesn’t matter what day you put to start your week, because in the stats menu the week always starts on a Monday. So here is your Tuesday, Sunday report.


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So close!

All Time Views: 729 (271 till 1000 views!)


Just one this week! On Saturdays I will be covering the topic of education in my “Educator, Educate Thyself” series. It’s kind of a play on “Physician, heal thyself”. I will be presenting the withertos and the whyfors  of education and hopefully someone will read it who can actually do something about it. 😀

“We don’t point; it’s rude.” |Educator, Educate Thyself

31 March, 2012 § 4 Comments

Note: It’s Saturday, the most recognized day off of work or school day that we know. So, I’m going to take these next Saturday’s and run a little topical peak into education and the sense of it all. Here starts the Educator, Educate Thyself portion of One More Straw.

I am earning my bachelor’s degree. According to a 2005 Business week article, 28% of American’s have a college education. This poll tells me that a hypothetical 82% of my “of age,” countrymen and women that could have had an education, didn’t. According to a 2011 Gallup poll 69% of Americans polled agreed that having a college degree is essential for getting a good job in this country. At this point I’m feeling pretty good about myself. I’m counted with the 28% (or whatever the percentage is now) and 69% of my country is cheering me on! In fact I even get a stipend of financial aid from good ‘ol ‘bama for making the effort.

I should be ecstatic right? Well, no. *buzzer* I’m sorry, better luck next time!

The truth is that there are an awful lot of  people out there with their B.A.’s in whatever, that are mopping cafeteria floors and flipping up burgers. So… what then, is the average college education worthless? Am I just another broke, “well rounded,” individual who’s prepared for absolutely nothing? There is something desperately wrong with a system in which a man or women can go through sixteen years of education only to have it count for nothing. That’s 32 semesters, 48 trimesters or 64 quarters. In other words, a holy-indebted-up-to-my-eyeball’s-batman, later and  I’m prepared for a career as a school janitor. What is the point? You don’t need a college education to be a janitor?

We don’t point; it’s rude.

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