Sailing Solo

Real (analog) people are influenced by the people whom they interact with the most. This means that there should be some traits that transcend generational lines. Daughters turn into their mothers, sons into their fathers, wives and husbands into more a conglomerate person and so on and so forth. The problem that I see is that people do not believe that they are formed in any way by their parents, or anybody else’s, undeclared ideologies and actions.  Furthermore I see that people do not believe that they themselves influence the people that they interact with the most.  Thus you hear such naïve statements as, “as long as I am not hurting anyone,” and “what I do with my body is not anyone else’s concern”. Concerning motives, we love whom we love because we both perceive that the other loved us first.In retrospect, I think, both of us are more in love with ourselves and thus are flattered that the other feels the same way. To say that love is a choice, which it is, only makes matters worse because of the screwed up intentionality of it all! In Christianity one’s love for one’s self is the bench mark for how much to love another person. In the end, I believe that the greatest disservice that a person can do for the people that he or she interacts with is to believe that they are the “captain of their souls,” sailing solo.


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  • Clarity. Brevity. Life.

    My goals in blogging are threefold--clarity, brevity, and life.

    First, my goal is to be crystal clear in presenting issues that I think deserve to be considered by my readers, either because of their current nature or because of their pertinence to society.

    The second is to be brief.

    The third goal is to portray life—not as thought about in an ivory tower, but as through the eyes of a twenty-two year old newlywed who is ever vigilant not to shut his eyes on reality.

    Clarity—brevity—life, that is all that needs to be said.

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